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Nicole Jones has over 14 years experience in the California Community College system, specifically in Region 10.  In 2004, Nicole began her work with California Community Colleges at the San Diego Community College District.  Once a SDICCCA intern and an adjunct counselor, Nicole rose through the academic ranks to become an Associate Professor at Cuyamaca College in 2013.  It was also in 2013 that Nicole took on the responsibility as department chair for the counseling services division. She was elected unanimously for two consecutive two year terms by her faculty peers.  Some highlights of her professional experience at Cuyamaca where Nicole has been instrumental include:

  • Opening the first Veteran’s Resource Center
  • Starting the first Mental Health Program
  • Starting the first UMOJA Program
  • Supporting and implementing legislative measures such as the California Promise, the Student Success and Support Program, and Multiple Measures Placement
  • Representing the faculty during collective bargaining
  • Teaching Personal Development Courses

Currently, Nicole serves as the Dean of Counseling Services at Cuyamaca College.  She is a facilitator with the Anti-Defamation league and a part-time professor at San Diego State University in the Community Based Block (CBB) Program.  Nicole Jones has a solid history of working collaboratively with faculty and classified unions. She has been a financial supporter of the Faculty Association for California Community Colleges (FACCC) for several years and is a current member of the California Faculty Association.

Nicole Jones is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach where she earned a B.S in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Law Enforcement.  She completed the Community Based Block (CBB) program and received her Master of Science in Counseling from San Diego State University. Nicole is currently pursuing her PhD in Leadership Studies with an Emphasis in Higher Education at the University of San Diego. Nicole resides in Chula Vista with her husband, Delano and children, Christian, a Southwestern College Student, and Victoria, a graduate of Eastlake High School.

Nicole’s Priorities for Creating a Better Future for our Students:

Vision: My vision is to increase retention and completion rates for all Southwestern College students.

Values: I value stronger partnerships with the K-12 system, apprenticeship programs and the community.

Validation: Fostering and supporting cultural diversity in hiring, awareness and appreciation of difference and mutual respect is essential to our students’ success.

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